The Best Boundaries Advice from 2014

We hope you’re enjoying the holiday season, and we wish you a Happy New Year. As we look back over 2014, we thought it would be fun to review the Top 10 Most Popular Boundaries Articles of the year. We calculated the 10 most visited and highly shared articles from the past 12 months. The following list is like getting a condensed version of this year’s best boundaries advice from Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. Top 10 Most Popular Boundaries Articles of 2014 Click the links to read each article 1. Say No to Disrespect in Dating 2. Why Smart People Accept Unacceptable Relationships 3. How Happiness Can Hurt Your Marriage 4. Why Unhealed People Attract Unhealthy Relationships 5. How to Love When You’re Out of Love 6. Eight Must-Have Moments to Make Love Last 7. Do Not Obey Your Parents 8. How to Resolve Conflict with a Resistant Spouse 9. The Secret to Changing Your Spouse 10. How to Forgive When It’s Hard to Forget Take a moment to read any of the great articles that you may have missed, and please share these articles with your friends and family. Boundaries make life better, and we want... Continue Reading »