Raising Kids with an Eye on the Future

Boundaries with KidsIt was a normal day, but one that would forever change my friend’s parenting. We had finished dinner, and I (Dr. Cloud) was visiting with my friend, Allison, and her husband, Bruce, when she left the dinner table to do some chores. Bruce and I continued to talk until a phone call took him away as well, so I went to see if I could lend Allison a hand.

I could hear her in their 14-year-old son Cameron’s room. I walked in to a scene that jolted me. She was cheerfully putting away clothes and sports equipment and making the bed. She struck up a conversation as if things were normal: “I can’t wait for you to see the pictures from our trip. It was so much—” “What are you doing?” I asked. “I’m cleaning up Cameron’s room,” she said. “What does it look like I’m doing?” “You are what?” “I told you. I’m cleaning up his room. Why are you looking at me like that?” All I could do was to share with her the vision in my head. “I just feel sorry for Cameron’s future wife.”

Allison straightened up, froze for a moment, and then hurried from the room. I walked into the hall to see her standing there motionless. Not knowing what to say, I said nothing. After a few moments, she looked at me and said, “I’ve never thought about it that way.”

Nor have most of us. We parent in the present without thinking about the future. We usually deal with the problems at hand. But one goal of parenting is to keep an eye on the future. We are raising our children to be responsible adults. Parents interact with their children in a way that comes naturally to them.


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For example, Allison was by nature a “helper,” and she gladly helped her son. Others have different parenting styles. Some, who are more laid back and uninvolved, leave their son’s room alone. Those who are stricter inflict heavy punishment for a less than regulation-made bed.

Certainly, child rearing requires many different interventions. There are times for helping, for not getting involved, or for being strict. But the real issue is this: Is what you are doing being done on purpose? Or are you doing it from reasons that you do not think about, such as your own personality, childhood, need of the moment, or fears? Remember, parenting has to do with more than the present. You are preparing your child for the future, and a person’s character is one’s destiny.

Question for Reflection:

In what ways could you parent your son or daughter with a stronger focus on their future? What changes could you make this week to move in that direction?


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  1. Lyn Mead says

    It’s amazing how many parents don’t ever consider this at all. We’ve been pretty lenient in some cases but manners was something we insisted on plus two-way communication is very important. Luckily we have an intelligent, well liked daughter who doesn’t necessarily follow the trends in fashion or behaviour, who is confident to be themselves, (not always “one of the sheep”). All this while struggling with Type 1 diabetes complications. She’s currently studying Corporate Communication, a ‘new’ subject here in South Africa, to be useful to others who don’t know how to communicate successfully in life.

  2. Mary McCoy says

    Maybe you have already written this and I just haven’t found it, but I would love to see a Boundaries book FOR children and a Boundaries book FOR teens. There is so much abuse and misuse of children and teens that those without healthy parents to teach them, need a resource to teach them that it is good to have boundaries and good to stand up for themselves. Even children and teens who do have healthy parents, need a resource to teach them these principles. If this already exists I would love know about them. I suggest the Boundaries book to a new person almost weekly. It is priceless!

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