Buy Boundaries for a Friend

Friends Don’t Let Friends Live Without Boundaries!

Become a boundaries ambassador today and share the life-changing power with your friends and family. Give the gift of boundaries that fits a person’s unique situation, such as:

  • Boundaries makes a life-saving gift for anyone you know who is overcommitted and struggles to say no.
  • Boundaries with Kids and Boundaries with Teens are perfect for a friend whose kids and teens seem to overwhelm their family life.
  • Boundaries in Marriage is the encouraging answer for a relative or friend who is experiencing a difficult marriage.
  • Boundaries in Dating will help a friend who is struggling with loneliness or a draining dating relationship.
  • Beyond Boundaries is perfect for the person who is reconnecting with someone who previously broke their trust.
  • Boundaries for Leaders offers solutions for the people you know who work in a challenging job environment.

Buy one of the Boundaries books as a gift for a friend. For example, Amazon makes it easy to send someone an e-book in a matter of minutes. Look for the Kindle edition of the Boundaries books and the image that says “Give as a Gift.”


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