Boundaries in Marriage

Understanding the Choices that Make or Break Loving Relationships

Discover the book that has literally helped to save and enhance thousands of marriages.

If your marriage is struggling or you want to make a great marriage even better, Boundaries in Marriage has the solutions. Two lives becoming one sounds easier said than done. After the honeymoon is over, how do you solve problems? How do you establish healthy communication? How do you work out conflict and deal with the struggle of differing needs?

Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend show how you and your mate can experience marriage at its best. You’ll learn how to:

  • Transform your relationship into a haven of mutual love, caring, and appreciation.
  • Protect your marriage from intruders, whether parents, affairs, or addictions.
  • Handle conflict effectively without losing your voice in the relationship.
  • Develop a sense of closeness and respect that you’ve never felt before.

Whether you’re a newlywed or married for many years, Boundaries in Marriage will help you build a foundation for your marriage to flourish. Drawing on principles from the Bible, learn new ways to safeguard against relational fractures and mend existing cracks. It may even save your marriage. Best of all, it will help make a good marriage great!


Boundaries in Marriage saved my marriage and my sanity…literally it did. I’d read dozens of books trying to find a way to salvage my marriage, including several advising doing anything to please your husband. Boundaries in Marriage gives advice on how you (man or woman) can be loving but also stand firm in the areas that define your freedom as an individual, your self respect, and your dignity as a human being. This was the first book on relationships that made total sense to me and made a truly positive difference in my life.”
J. Blue in Idaho

Boundaries in Marriage is an excellent gift to give as an engagement present or shower gift, but it needn’t stop there. I’ve been married for over thirty-five years, and it is never too late to learn new knowledge based on biblical principles. I wish I’d had this book thirty-six years ago.”
Lorraine W. – Saratoga Springs, NY