Leading from Your Gut

How You Can Succeed by Harnessing the Power of Your Values, Feelings, and Intuition

by Dr. John Townsend

As a leader, your decisions have a significant impact on yourself and others. To be an effective leader, you need to have more than just logic, facts, and financials to help make the best decisions. You also must access your own intuition, that gut feeling inside.

Dr. John Townsend knows that a leader’s internal world—the world of intuition, creativity, emotion, and spirituality—is just as important as the external world of data and best practices. Who you are on the inside determines your success as a leader even more than the things you do or the things you know.

In Leading from Your Gut, you’ll learn how to excel not just through external competencies and skills but by drawing on your internal world and personal experience. You’ll explore how to harness the power of your values, thoughts, emotions, and relationships to better meet the complex demands of leadership.

As you apply the principles in this book, you’ll experience the kind of personal transformation that will enable you to lead as a whole person.

Whether you’re an emerging or veteran leader, Leading from Your Gut will help you hone your intuition and grow as an effective and successful leader.




“In Leading from Your Gut, John Townsend builds on the vital leadership ingredients of smarts and vision and the ability to motivate others with the more intangible quality of “gut,” which is essential to actually accomplishing change that lasts. Hands down, my new favorite leadership book.”
speaker; author, The Beauty of Broken, The Prayer Coin; cohost, Discover the Word, www.discovertheword.org; President Emerita, MOPS International, www.mops.org

“I mean—honestly—reading what Dr. Townsend writes gives you a totally unfair advantage over everyone else. In Leading from Your Gut, Dr. Townsend—once again—helps us optimize our lives for personal and professional success. Read this one, now, and all of it because you need it.”
founder, The KAIROS Company; recipient of the “Medal of Valor,” Simon Wiesenthal Center

“John takes the leader to a new level of performance by demonstrating there is more to leadership than traditional thinking would suggest. John’s principles take you to your logic and your gut, and they work; apply them, and you will become a more impactful and fulfilled leader.”
former executive vice president, Coldwell Banker

“Learning what motivates your leadership decisions “from your gut” will help you make the good ones and, just as important, avoid the bad ones. This book is an intriguing and thought-provoking analysis of effective leadership.”
former executive vice president for worldwide operations, Cisco Systems



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