Control Freaks Make Great Leaders

Control Freaks Make Great Leaders

Are You a Real Control Freak?

Neuroscience has shown that the more experiences we have of being in control, the better our brains function. It is when we are affected by things outside of our control—and cannot regain a sense of being in control of anything that will make a difference—that we hit a real brain slowdown. You can see why people who feel like they have little choice in life are more apt to give up, and go into negative spirals. But if they can regain a sense of control, great things happen.

When leaders get their people to think about, look for, and take charge of what they can actually control, it has an impact on success. Brains change, and so does behavior. But it is a leader’s responsibility to create that kind of realization and culture.

This is why leaders must turn into “control freaks”—just not in the way we usually think of. Instead of being a control freak by controlling other people, leaders must turn into control freaks about letting others be in control of what they should be in control of that drives results.

Discover why real control freaks make great leaders in this free 6-page downloadable resource (PDF format), excerpted from the book, Boundaries for Leaders by Dr. Henry Cloud:

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